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Socks membrane sleeve double side can be aligned printing process
3 months ago
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The socks of foot mask on the market are no printing or with printing, and the printed sock patterns are not matched, so the pattern of the socks’ bottom is not consistent.

At the end of 2019, a customer came to us and wanted to develop a double-sided counterpoint printed sock foot film, which was different from the market brand products. We went to suppliers of materials and machines, tested and adjusted them for several months. We jointly developed the cat paw foot membrane, and the picture at the bottom of the sock is connected completely. As soon as the market is launched, the response is warm and deeply loved by consumers.

The customer uses this product to open the sock foot film product market, and the annual sales amount to millions.


This is our factory’s company tenet

Dedicated to research, develop and manufacture safer, younger and more practical personal care beauty products for human. We launch the newest innovative products quarterly.

If customers have demand for products, welcome to share with us, we have 3 engineer teams, in hair products, skin care products, makeup has many years of work experience, can cooperate to develop new products.

The content is the independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Matchexpo, and cannot be reproduced without permission
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