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Honest reporting

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Integrity Report Policy

As a public enterprise, Matchexpo is a product of Xiamen Matchpages Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Matchpages", "Matchexpo", "we" and "our"). Matchpages's vision is far-reaching internationally. We continue to learn the compliance concepts of excellent international companies. We have always believed that honest management will become an important starting point for the company to achieve sustainable development. Matchpages and its affiliated companies attach great importance to integrity management, and have formulated a series of systems to regulate the behavior of employees and suppliers:


1. Xiamen Matchpages Technology Co., Ltd. Integrity Report Policy;


2. Xiamen Matchpages Technology Co., Ltd. whistleblower protection system, integrity issue reporting system, etc.


Matchpages requires every employee and supplier to conduct business in a legal and compliant manner at work. If you find or suspect any violations by Matchpages employees or suppliers, please report to us promptly through the official channels shown on this page.


I. Content of the Report


1. Bribery and bribery;


2. Providing or receiving gifts or entertainment in violation of regulations.


II. Complaints


Integrity Reporting Hotline: 18602522339


Legal Department Email: (please include your mobile phone number and other contact information in the email)


All reports are followed up by the Legal Department. If you have any questions or suggestions about the task, you can contact us through the above contact information


III. Conditions for Accepting Reports


We not only accept real-name reports, but also anonymous reports, but only conduct investigations on real-name reports that have clear evidence to guide the issue of integrity.


IV. Reporting System


1. Historical issues in past cooperation. Where there are similar problems such as the receipt of benefits by Matchpages employees (including those who have resigned), if relevant partners or managers can take the initiative to report to us fully and actively cooperate with relevant investigations, Matchpages Company will regard it as The partner or manager will not be held civilly liable in specific circumstances, and will not be prosecuted to the extent permitted by law, and the recovered illicit money will be refunded as appropriate (except for those confiscated by judicial authorities in accordance with the law). For partners who promise that similar problems will not occur in the future, it will not affect their continued cooperation with Matchpages Company.


V. Whistleblower Protection System


1. Matchpages promises to keep the relevant information of the whistleblower strictly confidential, and will not tolerate any form of retaliation against the whistleblower. Once found, disciplinary action can be taken, and the labor relationship can even be terminated. If a crime is constituted, it will be handed over to the judicial organ according to law. Please feel free to report.


2. If you are our supplier, we promise you that your report will never affect our business relationship, and we will protect your legitimate interests in many ways.


VI. Scope of Application


This policy applies to all businesses of Matchpages Company in China, and is not limited by the time when the incorruptible incident occurs.


VII. Interpretation and Correction


1. This policy will take effect from July 2020.


2. This policy is interpreted by the legal department of Matchpages Company, and the content of this policy can be revised and adjusted according to the actual situation.

Matchexpo is an exhibition community platform for event & fair community in China, serving the essential functions of exhibitions, events, fairs, assisting ticket sales, visitor registration and booth reservation, allowing organizers to create, share, find and participate in activities, creating community space for organizers and exhibitors, finding their partners and helping them expand
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