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Trexel, Inc. and MuCell Extrusion, LLC. reach agreement enabling Trexel to provide MuCell solutions to the Extrusion Blow Molding market
2 Last year
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(Trexel, Inc., Wilmington, MA July 25, 2022)…  MuCell Extrusion, LLC has granted Trexel rights to offer MuCell technology to the Extrusion Blow Molding market, effective immediately.

Trexel has long offered solutions to applications in Automotive Blow Molding, but until now has been restricted from participating in the extrusion blow molding market beyond automotive per a non-competition agreement that was part of Trexel’s 2008 sale of its extrusion business to Zotefoams plc., the parent company of MuCell Extrusion, LLC.

“As Trexel has sharpened its focus on injection molding packaging applications in recent years, we have seen a pull from the market to offer our MuCell solutions to blow molded products, leading us to pursue this agreement with MuCell Extrusion,” explains Trexel CEO, Brian Bechard.

“We are delighted to come to this agreement for Trexel Inc to offer a wider range of solutions to extrusion blow molding as MuCell Extrusion refocuses on applications for extruded sheet and film,” commented David Stirling, Group CEO of Zotefoams plc.

About Trexel, Inc.

Trexel, Inc., headquartered in Wilmington, MA, has led the development of the MuCell® microcellular foaming injection molding technology and has pioneered many plastic processing solutions. The MuCell® technology provides unique design flexibility and cost savings opportunities by allowing plastic part design with material wall thickness optimized for functionality and not for the injection molding process. The combination of density reduction and design for functionality often results in material and weight savings of more than 20%. The numerous cost and processing advantages have led to rapid global deployment of the MuCell® process in automotive, consumer electronics, medical, packaging and consumer goods applications. Process deployment as well as equipment is supported by teams of highly qualified engineers through Trexel subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Trexel extended its product offering with the TecoCell® system. TecoCell is a unique chemical foaming technology that provides uniform microcellular structure to injection-molded parts.

For more information, please visit

® MuCell is a registered trademark of Trexel, Inc

® TecoCell is a registered trademark of Trexel, Inc.

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