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LA Starbucks Now Feature Dream Pops 3D Printed Ice Cream
6 months ago
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Summer is here and so are all its cold desserts. Yes, we’re talking about ice cream. Start-up Dream Pops has you covered on that front, bringing their 3D printed Ice Cream to Starbucks. While the ice cream is currently only available in select locations in LA, it will be there all summer.

Dream pops has previously collaborated with a whole bunch of other companies such as Apple, Nike and Bumble among others. Not bad for a start-up, especially considering they’ve got a deal with Starbucks.

The company’s Instagram announcement declares: “dreampops LOS ANGELES ???? We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Starbucks! All summer long through 10/5, you can find #dreampops at five #starbucks locations in Los Angeles! ????☕ Head to one of our select stores to get your daily coffee fix and cool down with a delicious Dream Pop. Tag us in your #DPxStarbucks photo to get featured on our page! Info in bio & highlights. Anything is ????.

3D Printed Ice Cream

3D Printed Ice Cream Dream Pops Vegan

The company produces vegan ice cream that contains no milk, instead opting for a plant-based alternative. They proclaim that they’ve reinvented ice cream using 3D printing, “superfoods” and the help of a 3-star Michelin chef. Flavors include Berry Dreams, Mango Rosemary, Coconut Latte, Vanilla Matcha, and as a “Dream Flight,” which includes all tastes mixed.

The company states: “we aren’t a pop business. We’re dreamers and lovers of innovation. We see food as a vehicle for shared experiences, and by offering pops that are chef and design-driven, we’re hoping to provoke meaningful conversations to reimagine food for our generation.

The ice creams will be available at Starbucks on La Brea and 4th, Melrose and Stanley, Third Street Promenade, Wilshire and Santa Monica, and San Vincente and Barrington. So, if you’re in these areas, you can cool off this summer heat with a healthy, high-quality dessert.

Featured image courtesy of Dream Pops, retrieved via Instagram.

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