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Winners of Professional Beauty North Nail Competition 2022 revealed
4 months ago
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Some of the best nail techs in the business battled it out in Manchester this weekend at the Professional Beauty North Nail Competition 2022.

Once again, Professional Beauty collaborated with industry association The Federation of Nail Professionals (FNP) on the Nail Competition, with Jacqueline O'Sullivan and Sean O'Sullivan leading the event as competition directors.

The competition took place on both days of the show (September 25–26) at Manchester Central exhibition centre with six categories ranging from salon enhancements to gel polish and the creative nail art Insta Nail category. 

The winners of the Professional Beauty North Nail Competition 2022 are:

Learn a Skill

Winner: Octavia Smith (132 points)
2nd: Alice Atkinson (119 points)
3rd: Michelle Harding (113 points)

Catwalk Showcase

Winner: Danielle Brindley (51 points)
2nd: Michelle Harding (50 points)
3rd: Tina Li (49 points)

Salon Enhancements

Winner: Octavia Smith (200 points)
2nd: Dominika Jedrzejczak (193 points)
3rd: Gemma McCarthy (149 points)

Competition Nails

Winner: Dominika Jedrzejczak (217 points)
2nd: Octavia Smith (203 points)
3rd: Gemma McCarthy (181 points)

Insta Nail

Winner: Vanessa Armitage (54 points)
2nd: Gemma Dawson (46.5 points)
3rd: Danielle Brindley (46 points)
Voters' Choice: Gemma Dawson (204 votes) 

Gel Polish

Winner: Gemma McCarthy (205 points)
2nd: Dominika Jedrzejczak (184 points)

North Nail Champion

Winner: Octavia Smith (accumulated 8 points) 

Thank you to all the competition judges: Hazel Dixon, Kirsty Meakin, Alex Fox, Angela Metcalfe, Amie Heary, Zsuzsanna Fecsik Andrea Rimmer, Mandy Rainford-Jones, Clare Woodcock and also to FNP president Marian Newman for her support on the organisation.

The 2023 Professional Beauty Nail Competion themes

Durng the show, some exciting new themes were announced the 2023 competitions in London, Manchester and Dublin.

London 2023 theme: My Favourite Era
Manchester 2023 theme: Musicals
Dublin 2023 theme: Mother Nature

The next Professional Beauty Nail Competition will run at the Professional Beauty London show at ExCeL London on March 5–6. Be sure to join the "The Federation of Nail Professionals & Pro Beauty Competition Group" on Facebook for all the updates. 

The content is the independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Matchexpo, and cannot be reproduced without permission
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