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EVE Energy Executive Share Insights on Power Battery Industry Chain Resilience at Forum
8 Months ago
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YIBIN, ChinaJune 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EVE Energy, a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider, was on hand to demonstrate the company's industry expertise at the 2023 World Power Battery Conference held from June 8th to 10th in Yibin, China. EVE Energy was honoured with its inclusion on the forum's "List of the World's Enterprises of Outstanding Contribution to Industry Development" during the Global Entrepreneurs Night.

Ms. Zhou Hongyan, Vice President and Regional President for Sichuan Province at EVE Energy, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the event on June 10th. She shared insights into the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry chain.


Attendees highlighted the importance of a closed-loop industry chain and its accompanying clustering effect. By actively collaborating with various partners, EVE Energy has set up a robust strategic supply chain that can ensure the stability and cost-effectiveness of nickel-cobalt-lithium resources as well as other key materials.

EVE Energy has also showcased its commitment to digitalization by implementing advanced technologies within its factories. The company has successfully integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) into production processes, facilitating comprehensive information coverage across operations, production, sales, and services, while ensuring the highest product quality and thereby achieving a zero-defect rate for pouch batteries.

During her speech, Ms. Zhou Hongyan expressed optimism about EVE Energy's prospects, emphasizing their commitment to the global transformation towards green and low-carbon mobility.

"EVE Energy has achieved stable development and remarkable accomplishments over the years," she said. "In the next three to five years, we anticipate moving into a new phase of high-quality development, working together with global institutions to promote electrification of transportation, and contributing to the sustainable development of the power battery industry chain."

With a solid foundation and diversified business structure, EVE Energy has grown into a globally competitive, high-quality lithium battery producer. With core technologies covering power cell development and system integration, the company provides products and solutions spanning cells, modules, BMS, and systems. These are widely used in new energy passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as new energy construction machinery, energy storage, and electric ships. It has formed a whole industry chain layout of "nickel, cobalt, lithium mine - battery material - battery production - battery recycling - battery regeneration".

The company has achieved impressive results in recent years, with total revenue hitting 2.4 billion dollars in 2021 and income from power batteries exceeding 1.4 billion dollars. In 2022, company revenue doubled annually to hit 5 billion dollars.

EVE Energy actively positions itself as an upstream and downstream player to strengthen supply chain stability. The company has collaborated on investments with partners like Jin Kunlun, Huayou Cobalt, BTR, Dynanomic, Semcorp, and Capchem to achieve a solid positioned in the industry chain.

The company also stated at the event how it is intensifying efforts to achieve "Next-Door Supply" during industrial collaboration. By separating supply across raw and recycled materials and recycled batteries, EVE has refined the recycling and utilization process for waste materials and batteries at its Jingmen production base. In the future, this processes could be expanded.

According to the keynote, EVE Energy has grasped the opportunity to digitally upgrade, leveraging advantages to build digital and smart factories. This enables the company to optimize resource allocation across all aspects, the entire value chain, and the complete industry chain. By embracing digital transformation, EVE Energy proactively understands customer-perceived quality and promotes business innovation and transformation while achieving the internationalization of a high-quality and sustainable lithium battery business.

EVE Energy has established 2,856 production control points and traceability systems covering some 70 processes during the power battery production process. This comprehensive information monitoring regarding process quality allows the company to trace and track the entire lifecycle of a product, reducing energy consumption. With ppb-level consistency across all products, the company strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Over the past five years, the company's pouch batteries have delivered over 20 GWh, powering more than 400,000 vehicles without any incidents of fires or batch defects, along with a 0% failure rate for two consecutive years.

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