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Mowilex Completes its Pledge to Plant 50,000 Mangrove Trees by Establishing 25,000 Trees in West Kalimantan, While Supporting Local Environmental Hero
7 Months ago
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Key news highlights:

  • Mowilex completed its pledge to plant 50,000 mangrove trees, establishing 25,000 trees in West Kalimantan after planting 25,000 others in BaliNorth Sumatra and Belitung.
  • The  Kupah River plantings in, West Kalimantan supported the work of Rudi Hartono, a young environmental hero who won KLHK's 2022 Kalpataru Award.
  • The mangroves will support local communities while preventing beach erosion, controlling flooding, storing carbon and providing habitat along the Kupah River.

 PT Mowilex Indonesia (Mowilex), a leading producer of premium paints and wood coatings, has planted 25,000 mangrove trees at Sungai KupahWest Kalimantan. The project, finished in October, supported local eco-pioneer Rudi Hartono's work and completed a Mowilex sustainability commitment pledge to plant 50,000 trees. Previous plantings took place in BaliNorth Sumatra and Belitung.

Mowilex partnered with environmental hero Rudi Hartono to plant 25,000 mangrove trees that will protect the environment and generate income for residents of Sungai Kupah Village, West Kalimantan.
Mowilex partnered with environmental hero Rudi Hartono to plant 25,000 mangrove trees that will protect the environment and generate income for residents of Sungai Kupah Village, West Kalimantan.

Mowilex partnered with environmental hero Rudi Hartono to plant 25,000 mangrove trees that will protect the environment and generate income for residents of Kupah River Village, West Kalimantan.

Rudi Hartono was a natural choice for a Mowilex partnership. The young advocate won the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry's (KLHK) 2022 Kalpataru Award, which recognizes individuals leading ongoing environmental projects in their communities. Hartono is committed to planting and protecting mangrove forests in the Kupah River area.

Researchers estimate that at least 35% of global mangrove forests were lost between 1980 and 2000, including many along the Kupah River in West Kalimantan. Some trees are cleared to accommodate shrimp farms. Others are cut for building materials or charcoal briquettes.

Mangroves store vast amounts of carbon and provide a natural defence against flooding, typhoons and beach erosion. They also naturally filter nitrates and phosphates. Deforestation has led to seawater flooding in Kupah River Village. By supporting Hartono's mangrove replanting efforts, Mowilex helps to protect beaches, decrease flood risk, and create new habitat for fish, birds and other creatures.

"Kupah River Village is very grateful for Mowilex's support to plant 25,000 mangrove seedlings. This is an investment to save the environment, and also a community income source – from residents selling mangrove seedlings, soap made from mangroves, and natural products such as shrimp, crabs and fish, which the community can process into chips," says Hartono.

"Mowilex has achieved carbon neutrality for four consecutive years by reducing emissions on a per-tonnage output basis and through offsets. Still, that is not enough. Measuring the real environmental impact of industrial activity is far more complex," says Niko Safavi, CEO of PT Mowilex Indonesia. "Our efforts must also address community needs. Fulfilling our tree-planting commitment provides long-term community support beyond carbon reduction efforts." 

Before completing the West Kalimantan project, Mowilex also planted 5,000 mangroves near the Tukad Mati River in Bali, 10,000 mangroves in Pasar Rawa Village, Langkat, North Sumatra, and 10,000 mangroves in Juru Seberang Village, Belitung. Each project now enhances local ecosystems and benefits surrounding communities.

Mowilex became Indonesia's first certified carbon neutral manufacturer in 2019, and it's on track to receive a fifth consecutive certification in 2023. Learn more about Mowilex ESG programs and products at

About PT Mowilex Indonesia

PT Mowilex Indonesia (Mowilex), a subsidiary of Asia Coatings Enterprises, Pte. Ltd., is a leading producer of premium paints and coatings. Since launching the first Indonesian-made, water-based paints in 1970, the company has expanded its commitment to environmental ethics, equality, community and innovation. PT Mowilex is Indonesia's only certified carbon neutral manufacturer, producing zero and low VOC paints in modern colours, and the company regularly wins awards for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

Source: PT Mowilex Indonesia
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