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The Iconic Big Wheel Brings Little Riders BIG Adventure for the Holidays!
8 Months ago
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Schylling toys bring the nostalgic fun rolling on in for the next cycle of kids turned adventurers!

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass.Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - Right on time for the holidays, Schylling toys is bringing Big Wheel, National Toy Hall of Fame and the iconic low-riding trike, back with a tribute to the original designs that have taken childhood exploration from two feet to three wheels since the '70s. Introducing two models just in time for the gift-giving season, Schylling's fueling future nostalgia for the next generation of little riders ready for big adventures.

Big Wheel has built a reputation as a fondly-remembered, popular ride that invites children to safely test their limits and explore their surroundings, all while pedaling them into a new sense of freedom and confidence. Schylling's new tricycles bring back the same sidewalk-gripping fun of Big Wheel, including signature spin-outs and fast-action pedal power, for the kids who seek out the sharp turns and bumps in the road.


"Many of us remember Big Wheel as not only the means to our first neighborhood adventure, but also to our first taste of independence," said Paul Weingard, President and CEO at Schylling Inc. "We're excited to hand over the keys to a new generation who seek the thrills of playtime."

Big Wheel is ready to give every kid the freedom and confidence to ride with two new pedal-powered models: Big Wheel Speedster and Big Wheel Big Spin.

Each Big Wheel 3-wheel bike features the signature oversized front wheel, wide rear wheels for optimal stability, 180-degree spinout action, and high visibility colors with weather-resistant decals. The 16" Big Wheel models include adjustable seating to grow with your child.

NEW Schylling 2023 Big Wheel models:

  • Big Wheel Speedster
    • MSRP: $99.99
    • Age: 3-7
    • Key Features:
      • Signature, durable Big Wheel design and color-scheme
      • Oversized 16" front wheel ideal for fast-action pedaling
      • Wide rear wheels grip the sidewalk for high-speed stability
      • Grows-with-Child adjustable seat; great for growing legs or switching out riders
      • Weather-resistant decals to customize the bike
      • Pedal-powered ride-on with high-visibility colors for safety
  • Big Wheel Big Spin
    • MSRP: $129.99
    • Age 3-7
    • Key Features:
      • Easy grip hand-brake for easy 180° spinout action
      • Signature, durable Big Wheel pedal-powered design
      • Two-tone molded color details on front and back wheels
      • Oversized 16" front wheel ideal for fast-action pedaling
      • Wide rear wheels grip the sidewalk for high-speed stability
      • Grows-with-Child adjustable seat and a storage compartment too
      • Weather-resistant decals to customize the bike
      • High-visibility colors for safety

Big Wheel will be available at your favorite local toy/home/farm stores, as well as Amazon.

About Schylling Inc.

Schylling has a long history of making timeless toys; both delightful playthings from years past and innovative new items with a nostalgic appeal for all ages. As an award-winning toy company based in North Andover, MA, products such as NeeDoh®, LAVA® brand motion lamp, Big Wheel®, Schylling hand puppets, Sea-Monkeys®, Party Puppies, Classic Tin Kaleidoscope, Learn to Play Harmonica, and a variety of other toys satisfy curiosity, encourage discovery, and help people find their best mellow and chill mood. 

SOURCE Schylling Inc.

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