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The World's First Social App for Collectors - Connectible
7 Months ago
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LONDON and NEW YORKOct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Connectible is the world's first social media app for collectors and offers the ability to share, connect, and trade any collectables they are passionate about.

The multi feature platform gives users the power to curate and customise their galleries, post content, follow and chat with other enthusiasts, as well as offering a community marketplace to buy, sell and trade.

The Connectible app is available and is set to launch worldwide on 12th October at New York Comic Con and will be available on Apple's App Store, the Google Play Store and as a web app, following a successful pre-launch phase with over 100 top comic art collectors, who were pre-selected as Founder Members.

There will be over 70 communities on Connectible at launch, including original comic art, comic books, trading cards, film and music memorabilia, sneakers, luxury watches, fine wines and whiskeys, guitars, vintage fashion, toys, antique furniture, jewellery, rare books, art and photography.

The London based tech start-up is planning to add several other collectable communities after the initial launch.

Connectible CEO and Founder Nick Coleman said: "We have created Connectible to help collectors share their passion. The app has all the features that they need to curate their collections, communicate with like-minded enthusiasts, it even provides a marketplace to buy, sell and trade. 

"I'm a keen collector myself and I've always wanted to be able to create my own galleries online to show off my collections, and to connect easily with other collectors all over the world to share ideas and information. Until now, it's been a difficult process, navigating through obscure forums and online groups. As a result, communication is often slow and frustrating, and selling pieces via auction houses is expensive and stressful.

"Connectible will really open up the space and make it an enjoyable and easier way for users to build and curate their collections."

The app is available for use on smartphone, tablet and web browser with almost identical functionality on each. The key features of the app include:

OmniFeed - the main feed that displays collectors' posts, news and events. This vertical chronological scrolling feed is the central hub of the app and displays any collectables that have been uploaded to the platform including the marketplace. Collectors can message and communicate on posts left on this feed, to start conversations and provide inspiration for the community.

AppSpace - provides complete flexibility for users to create their own customisable galleries to display their collection. It is effectively a mini website, which can be personalised to look completely unique.

Chat feature - Collectors have the ability to direct message anyone they are connected to on the app, to discuss items, events or negotiate pieces for sale.

Connecting and Following - never miss any information from key collectors by using the follow option, users will also be able to create their own specialist groups, called Clubs within the app.

Community Marketplace - allows users to buy, sell or trade on the app completely free of any commission fees.

Scanning Camera with Auto Cropping - this feature is available on the smartphone app only and makes sure that your collectibles are presented in the best way possible.

SOURCE Connectible

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