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XCMG Excavator Showcases Commitment to High-Value Services and Intelligent Manufacturing at Apprentice Experience Day
8 Months ago
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XCMG Excavator ("the Company"), a leading global player in the construction machinery industry, is dedicated to empowering customer success. In reaffirming of this mission, the Company hosted the eighth-season XCMG Excavator Apprentice program themed "XCMG Future Creator" lately by launching an Experience Day event where apprentices from around the world gained in-depth insights into the comprehensive services offered throughout the product lifecycle.

XCMG Excavator Showcases Commitment to High-Value Services and Intelligent Manufacturing at Apprentice Experience Day.
XCMG Excavator Showcases Commitment to High-Value Services and Intelligent Manufacturing at Apprentice Experience Day.

Exploration of Intelligent Manufacturing

As their first part of the Apprentice Experience Day, apprentices embarked on a captivating journey through the XCMG Excavator showroom and cutting-edge intelligent production line, immersing themselves in the intricacies of excavator manufacturing. One highlight of the event was the introduction of "Smart Services," which focuses on enhancing customer digital experiences through a multi-level service information platform covering factories, agents, and customers.

Guided by knowledgeable hosts, apprentices were introduced to the intelligent service platforms within the showroom. The real-time command platform, remote IoT application platform, and the Mine Management Master showcased a one-stop, multi-level, and all-encompassing service information platform. The awe-inspiring third intelligent workshop featured four intelligent flexible welding lines, including the world's first advanced intelligent wheel excavator assembly line.

The assembly line showcased groundbreaking innovation to the apprentices, with its fully automated online flipping of wheel excavator chassis, achieving intelligent and unmanned flipping and significantly boosting operational efficiency. The workshop also featured the industry's first intelligent online welding seam detection robot and the Welding Line Intelligent Manufacturing 4.0 digital operations control center, providing real-time monitoring, automatic recording, and anomaly alerts.

Simulated Experiences

On the second part of the Apprentice Experience Day, apprentices engaged in a series of simulated experiences to gain a comprehensive understanding of XCMG Excavator's products, marketing strategies, and after-sales services. In the simulated customer experience phase, they assumed the role of potential buyers and received detailed presentations on product performance and market applications from XCMG Excavator's marketing team.

After this, the apprentices experienced the after-sales service simulation, where apprentices were guided by the dedicated after-sales service team through service requirements and the maintenance process. The XCMG e-Repair intelligent service platform took center stage, showcasing the company's commitment to efficient after-sales services and a seamlessly integrated spare parts supply chain.

Apprentices were full of praise for XCMG Excavator's digital customer service platform and rapid response mechanism, impressed by its ability to address and solve customer needs promptly.

On the whole, the XCMG Excavator Apprentice Experience Day delivered a comprehensive understanding of the company's dedication to "High-Value Services Throughout the Lifecycle" to the attendants and highlighted XCMG Excavator's innovation, commitment to customer satisfaction, and vibrant company culture.

Source: XCMG Excavator
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