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Casio to Launch VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs Inspired by the Concept of Futuristic Shock-Resistant Structures
7 Months ago
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Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today that it will offer a limited edition of 2,000 VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for sale on December 15. The NFTs feature imagery of the G-SHOCK brand rendered as futuristic shock-resistant watches in a virtual space. In advance of the sales launch, G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS distribution will commence on November 28, offering holders such utility as advance purchasing privileges.

In September 2023, Casio launched the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project, facilitating communication in a virtual space to serve as a touchpoint with Gen Z and other new users. First, G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS NFTs were distributed for free, enabling holders to participate in the community on Discord.*[1] The initial issue of 15,000 limited-edition NFTs was fully distributed in about six hours, and a variety of co-creative projects have been held as well.

*[1] A US-based voice, video, and text communication service

On December 15, VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs inspired by the theme of futuristic shock-resistant G-SHOCK structures will be offered for sale, in a new development of the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project.

Two different design patterns will be offered. The VGA-001 features a balloon concept evoking a colorful, balloon-covered G-SHOCK that dances freely. Meanwhile, the VGA-002 features a leaf spring concept expressing a G-SHOCK with a futuristic shock-resistant structure that uses the force of springs to powerfully absorb shock.

In advance of the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs sales launch, more G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS NFTs granting participatory access to the community will be distributed for free, starting November 28. G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS NFTs were very well received in the initial launch. Holders will be given precedence in purchasing VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs during the advance sales period.

Casio remains committed to introducing a variety of co-creation projects to deliver new user experiences through the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project.

For more information, visit: Website(VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFT)  | Discord  | X    

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