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Conference flags sustainable issues in development of fashion industry
7 Months ago
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The second International Conference of Fashion and Sustainability, with the theme of "Integration and Sharing", was held by Wuhan Textile University from Sunday to Tuesday, focusing on the frontiers of the international fashion industry and the future of sustainable development in fashion.

The second International Conference of Fashion and Sustainability 
is held by Wuhan Textile University. photos provided to china daily
The second International Conference of Fashion and Sustainability is held by Wuhan Textile University. photos provided to china daily

Accompanied with the conference, there is a series of forums taking place on Tuesday, addressing the problems, challenges and measures faced by the sustainable development of the industry.

The conference, which is attended by 200 representatives including 11 foreign experts, has received extensive attention from renowned experts in domestic and foreign universities and industries.

The opening ceremony was presided over by professor Fu Xin, vice-president of Wuhan Textile University. Professor Tian Huiyu, Party secretary of Wuhan Textile University, Chen Xi, deputy director of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, Education Department of Hubei province and Ni Yangsheng, head of the China Textile and Apparel Education Society, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Tian said the Wuhan Textile University has established five major departments and has contributed greatly to the sustainable development of textile and related industries. Ni said that the concept of environmental protection should be infiltrated into the frontline of the industry, and the professional education of environmental protection and sustainable development should be strengthened for textile and garment students.

The keynote speech session was presided over by Tao Hui, dean of the School of Fashion, Wuhan Textile University. Xu Weilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Wuhan Textile University, delivered a speech, which discussed the application of bionics in textiles and fashion.

Savvas Vassiliadis, chairman of the World Textile Universities Congress, presented his latest research results in triboelectric nanogenerators as a potential high-efficiency power source for low-power wearable systems.

Professor Erin Cho's report proposed to guide consumer awareness, so that they pay more attention to the quality, technology, environmental protection, culture and other values of clothing, and use artificial intelligence to better predict fashion trends and consumer demand.

As a representative of domestic textile and garment enterprises, Chen Yizhong, CEO of Yantai Pacific Home Fashion, introduced how Chinese textile and garment enterprises have cultivated their own sustainable development in terms of circular economy, sustainable production chain, new materials, new technology and new fashion.

During the event, there was an exhibition of student work and a show on fashion and sustainable development at Wuhan Textile University. The Wuhan Textile University, established in 1958, has integrated the seven disciplines to develop into a famous comprehensive university with the title of one of the top 10 fashion schools in the Chinese mainland.

Source: China Daily
Keywords: #Fashion #Household/Consumer/Cosmetics #Retail #Textiles
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