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From pre conference to post Conference - realize customer growth for enterprises with conference activities, live broadcast and news as carriers
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Live marketing platform for exhibition activities connected to the world
Organizers can meet the same objectives of their exhibition activities through the members of the association to meet the requirements, whether it is a webinar for 60 people, an industry summit for 600 people, or an annual event and exhibition for 60000 people. Matchexpo's global exhibition marketing service experience will be unique.
Organize activities of any type or scale
Provide exhibition marketing promotion and buyer matching services
Selling event tickets
Attract your global participants
Provide exhibition live broadcast service
Live video recording function can extend your brand power
Analyze meeting events data
Create an exhibition
Create an exhibition now~
Exhibition cloud management
Create the best interactive experience of exhibition marketing management for your online and offline exhibition activities and conferences!
Webinar creation
Here, you have the best webinar program to determine the professional status of our company!
Live broadcast management
Meet your cross-border and long-distance live broadcast needs, and achieve business goals efficiently!
Live + marketing + sharing - more efficient
Multi person online live broadcast, cross-border live broadcast, online live broadcast ticket sales, marketing knowledge sharing
Easy and quick to start
No download and installation is required for Web broadcasting and web viewing
Create live broadcast
Marketing and customer acquisition
When offline exhibition activities could not be carried out, Matchexpo created an efficient online community marketing platform here.
Top anchor list
Create more live campaign, get on the list, and get more exposure traffic
Support the configuration of graphic patch ads
Information platform
Content promotion and exposure
Form collection / sign in
Customize form content and collect user information
PR News
Provide news release service for global market personnel. One click transmission, global touch.
Optimized delivery
Content promotion
Precise customers
Successful exhibition activities use intuitive and seamless technology to win success
Exhibition registration and ticket sales
Easily create a customized professional exhibition website. Sell tickets and fully understand income, data and statistics, etc!
Online and offline common management
A series of modules that can help you through Gamification interaction, investigation, appointment, etc
Expert sharing and training
Let participants make "quick appointment" through 1:1 video call, or divide into groups for seminars and round table discussions.
Easily manage live streaming
Our Virtual Studio allows you to stream easily. The recording and broadcasting function can also be transmitted for the second time.
Bidirectional flow interaction
Attract participants by allowing them to send responses, questions, and raise their hands to participate in real-time discussions.
Capture important insights
With our analysis and reports, understand your exhibition and live data, and understand the people behind these figures.
Our clients
Business organization
Find OEM partners
Global enterprise
Enterprise certification
Member of global exhibition and conference Alliance
We media
Membership certification
Audience reservation service
Promotion of exhibition activities and live broadcast
Make your exhibition and conference marketing management easy.
Mixed exhibition events
Hold a physical events, and stream it to the participants together with all our online interactions for your online audience.
Conference / summit / Forum
Creating a summit online is now more than just a possibility. It only takes a few minutes to create a custom schedule from scratch.
Help global business personnel to establish a good seminar interaction experience.
Meetings and workshops
Lecture and group. Then we start another class. Realize one-to-one communication.
Exhibitions and trade shows
Create a virtual Expo in Matchexpo, customize buttons, and create interactive supplier booths.
Social affair
Easily contact people online through video continuous one-to-one meetings.
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Matchexpo is an exhibition community platform for event & fair community in China, serving the essential functions of exhibitions, events, fairs, assisting ticket sales, visitor registration and booth reservation, allowing organizers to create, share, find and participate in activities, creating community space for organizers and exhibitors, finding their partners and helping them expand
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