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Channel partners are hot in attracting investment
We are committed to providing effective training support and competitive products for our partners to achieve win-win results.
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Service provider support plan
Product support
The headquarters provides perfect industry wide marketing solutions for service providers, and the iterative innovation speed of products is fast according to the market demand. Through rapid iteration after iteration, the product has won wide favor of users and helped service providers firmly grasp customer resources.
Training support
The headquarters will regularly carry out training according to the needs of service provider personnel. Through product, sales, after-sales, management and other related training, and at the same time, the channel manager will regularly go to the service provider company to give landing support, so as to quickly improve the signing efficiency of the service provider.
Sales tools
While providing industry wide solutions for service providers, the headquarters will also provide professional CRM service provider business management systems to help service providers carry out professional management and improve work efficiency.
Resource support
All the resources obtained by the headquarters through online promotion will be transferred to the local service provider, and the service provider does not need to bear the promotion cost.
Promotion support
The headquarters will irregularly carry out market promotion activities nationwide or locally according to different markets and product characteristics to expand its popularity and influence, including offline salons, urban linkage meetings, online marketing salons, etc.
Technical support
Jupage creative provides 7x12 hours of online technical services to ensure that problems can be solved quickly and quickly, so that service providers and customers have no worries at home.
After sales customer service
Juye creative assists service providers in building an after-sales team in an all-round way, solves major emergency problems and supports the filing of activities, and provides customer operation support.
Area protection
The headquarters implements protection policies for the customers of channel partners, and allocates the customer resources obtained from promotion to local service providers for transformation according to rules. At the same time, the headquarters does not allow service providers to sell across regions to ensure the standardization of the market and the greater interests of service providers.
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Matchexporen partner certification
Get the channel partner badge of page focused products
Only companies that meet the highest standards in business performance and service quality are eligible for the channel partner badge of poly page products. Getting a badge is equivalent to showing everyone that your company is at the top of its industry.
The value of the badge
After obtaining the Matchexporen partner badge, you can show your customers the professional skills of your exhibition marketing experts and stand out from the industry.
Join the pager partner program now
Improve the marketing skills of Matchexpo, help the company stand out and create excellent results for customers.
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Introduction to page gathering channel
Page gathering channel is the core force of page gathering development, which was officially established in December 2021. Juye channel center has eight core departments, including investment attraction, operation, business innovation, technical support, customer success, training, data management and business support. Its business covers the whole bank, such as automobiles, household appliances, high technology, education, clothing, etc
"One thing, fight together, win" is the creative spirit of page gathering
Juye creative is committed to finding a group of like-minded entrepreneurial partners
Support service providers to grow together in the form of partners
Help service providers grow rapidly into local influential digital marketing service providers
Provide management tools and live marketing platform for global mixed exhibition activities
Juye foreign trade station
Provide foreign trade companies with foreign trade intelligent station building system with excellent design, animation and SEO
Mail automation tools
Provide customers with intelligent e-mail marketing management tools
Juye e-commerce independent station
Provide cross-border e-commerce practitioners with an intelligent website building system based on creativity priority.
Social media operation tools
Provide enterprise social media operation tools to spread brand image and efficiently manage cross channel and platform content< Br / > shape the industry IP, create the industry KOL, and realize the efficient dissemination and management of creativity and products.
Advertising and creative services
Accurate advertising landing page tools
efficient content production
enable enterprise brand growth
use reliable creative power more quickly and economically to achieve the integration of content creativity in advertising and brand communication.
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Learn more about how to become a channel partner
Our partners come from all walks of life and focus on providing customers with various skills and services. Learn more about the following solutions to see if you are eligible for application. Three categories of channel partners:
+ Become a creative partner
Add icing on the cake for customers' creative production.
What is a creative platform partner?
We attach great importance to the cooperative relationship with the creative community, and will continue to invest in various tools and resources to help you expand your business. Creative partners are Matchexporen business partners who provide training and inspiration resources to stimulate your creativity and help you create more value for customers. And get limited cooperation only
+ Become a technology partner
Through technical development, we cooperate with Juye's series of product APIs to jointly provide customers with high-quality services and technical support.
What is an advertising technology partner?
Advertising technology partners cooperate with enterprises to expand and optimize marketing activities. They provide assistance in the fields of exhibition marketing management, live broadcast, online seminars, appointment schedule and reporting and evaluation technology. Technical partners enjoy the credibility of Matchexpo's business partner badge and receive technical support only from partners
+ Agent partner
At present, we only recruit agent partners for some markets.
What is an agent partner?
Agent partners are business partners of Matchexpo. They have resources and teams, and are responsible for providing customers with many solutions such as exhibition marketing management and marketing planning activities on behalf of Matchexpo. And get technical support, activities and training limited to partners.
Intelligent distribution platform
Technical strength
If you meet the following conditions,
you can apply to join the Matchexporen agent partner program
Have certain foreign trade professional knowledge and basic service level
Individuals and institutions with long-term planning
Identify with the brand purpose of Juye
Partners with pre-sales customer service capabilities
Please fill in your information, and the channel manager will contact you:
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Matchexpo is an exhibition community platform for event & fair community in China, serving the essential functions of exhibitions, events, fairs, assisting ticket sales, visitor registration and booth reservation, allowing organizers to create, share, find and participate in activities, creating community space for organizers and exhibitors, finding their partners and helping them expand
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