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The continuous change of technology allows us to always keep close contact with our most important friends.
Matchexpo are committed to creating a business world that can communicate and interact at any time and break through regional barriers.
Our mission
Accessible at any time
In a world full of unprecedented opportunities, everyone should have access - regardless of gender, nationality, socio-economic status or any other obstacles.
Connect the world
Even though we are facing each other across the ocean, we still participate in and organize the exciting and dynamic world's latest industry exhibitions anytime and anywhere, and fully enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by technological change.
Break through regional restrictions
It is not a problem to cross regional barriers and let distance go. The Internet and technology can become the greatest driving force for innovation, inclusiveness, social mobility and human progress.
Communication science
Each generation has a new generation of information dissemination channels and preferred ways of expression, providing flexible communication methods for future business.
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Matchexpo is an exhibition community platform for event & fair community in China, serving the essential functions of exhibitions, events, fairs, assisting ticket sales, visitor registration and booth reservation, allowing organizers to create, share, find and participate in activities, creating community space for organizers and exhibitors, finding their partners and helping them expand
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